Crypto market seems to be a roller coaster

But it didn’t prevent BTC from reaching the $800B market cap. Bitcoin is a marketing genius. We are not as good, but good enough to help you lead Coinmarketcap

Marketing agency for DEX, CEX, NFT and other blockchain projects


Sorry for being as straightforward, but 87% of blockchain projects are doing sh*t.
Tons of scams make the crypto audience distrustful and hard to reach

So even if you succeed in finding product-market fit, you can significantly shorten
your project life cycle by using traditional marketing tools and funnels

SOLUS.b is a team of marketing professionals in influencers marketing, media buying, ABM&IR campaigns. Our expertise allows us to help crypto projects to skyrocket during the uptrend and feast when the market goes down. We are not aiming to sell, we are aiming to build relationships that matter

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But slow down a bit..

We can accomplish a lot, but the product logic will always be decisive

Reflect for a moment

Does your project have a unique selling point?

How will you help users win?

Do you have the necessary resources for expansion?

If these questions didn't puzzle you - we can get the ball rolling

Strategy Traffic Leadgen IR


Blockchain project strategy is the only service that can't bring
any results autonomously, no service will work without it

  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer development
  • User Journey Map
  • Hypothesis testing
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Generating crypto traffic means facing constant bans from Google, Facebook, etc, so out - of - the box methods are the only solutions

  • PPC campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media Buying
  • SMM
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Due to the legend, if you are a blockchain project, leads should learn about your brand by themselves. Thus crypto projects always lack leads...

  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Telegram Outreach
  • Email Outreach
  • ABM Campaigns
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In the world of blockchain where investors are being pitched by dozens of crypto projects, we found the way to make them invest in yours

  • Pitch Deck
  • Private Sale consulting
  • Outreach Campaign
  • Public Sale consulting
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Personalised Turn-Key Solution

Not sure what
to choose?

Doing marketing for the sake of action isn't our cup of tea. Deep
research that will give us understanding which tools will build
bridges between your project and your target audience sounds just right.

Eager to receive personalised market penetration strategy

Let's discuss the opportunities




Million Crypto Audience
Members Reached


Grams of


Gaps in Market Penetration Strategy


77% of the crypto marketing budget was wasted. Even the best banner and huge budgets сould result in crazy CAC if they are shown to the wrong audience

From Telegram to Reddit. Years of work with crypto projects allow us to check virtually all channels for the presence of the target audience and highlight a few that really work


It’s impossible to scale marketing activities efficiently if you simply don’t know where your audience comes from and what happens next

We grew out of making non data-driven decisions. Surely, expert intuition still takes place, but only because it is based on previous representative data :)


Most crypto audiences are blind to standard advertising. It simply doesn’t work and no more words are needed here

Native advertising and deep integrations that show real value become our solution. Usually you won't be able to differentiate our ad from regular KOL`s content

Want to receive forecasters of your project future killers?

We will help you get an in-depth understanding of the market

Expert Session
Expert Session
How to Attract C-Level Сrypto Executives to Your Product Not For All The Money In The World?

How To Gather a Community With 50,000+ Members For a Travel Start-Up During An Epidemic And Not To Screw Up

Xena exchange

How to attract hedge funds and trading desks to a derivatives exchange, or B2B hard core


35% сrypto investors rely on tweets of
Elon Musk before making financial decisions,
8% listen to Warren Buffett.

Yeah, these are clippings from our crypto
marketing digest.

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