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Yeah, 2000% ROI is not the rare case on blockchain market. SOLUS.b team will provide all that you need to reach such goal.

Blockchain full-cycle marketing and development agency for ICO, IEO,
DEX, CEX, and other blockchain projects.


87% of blockchain projects are doing sh*t. Most of them will die in 4 months.
They won’t reach the product-market fit because nobody told them how.

The remaining 13% other Blockchain projects will gain a $66 billion cap in 2022.
Most of them use services of professional agencies for marketing, development and consulting

SOLUS.b is a tribe of enthusiasts, specialists in digital marketing, PR, crazy funnels, and marketing processes. Our experience enables us to launch and promote Blockchain projects 2x faster as we know all ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market

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But wait...

There are a few cases in which you DON`T need
to collaborate with SOLUS.b

IF you are not ready for:

Hours of brainstorming

Getting to know your customer just like your best friend

Testing dozens of hypothesis

If it is not about you, X20 investment return are just in a few steps

of defi projects

Preparation Package

We prepare all necessary attributes, documents, and set up
the processes for the smooth launch of DeFi project

  • Legal Package
  • Documents Preparation
  • Full Audit
  • Investor Relations
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Development Peckage

We provide full support in design, development, implementation and evaluation of web products for DeFi projects

  • Website Development
  • Smart-Contract
  • App Development
  • Bot Development
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Launch Package

We create ready-to-use solutions for successful launch
of the crypto project of any complexity

  • Listing
  • Market-Making
  • Fundraising
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Promotion of DeFi Projects

Persuade your target audience to follow your project
and become your loyal customers

  • PPC
  • SMM
  • KOL
  • PR
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Turnkey Campaign

Let's be honest...

Neither you nor we don`t have solid understanding
which set of marketing tools will ensure
the highest ROI to your project.

Is It A Problem

One Brainstorm session with Solus team custom set of solutions
and will be in fully readiness




Millions $ Raised


Cans of RedBull


Mistakes That Will Kill Your DeFi


Crypto market is moving at the speed of light. What about marketing tools? They remain the same for years.

Many teams are striving to achieve results with tools that will never be effective anymore.


  • We launch a campaign
  • We receive some results
  • What’s next? ***silence***

Absence of data for further analysis is one of the most popular reasons for the death of crypto projects.


Marketing doesn’t work. Common thought after testing the first and only hypothesis

Spending huge budgets isn’t reasonable. But an excessive economy can ruin any project as well.

Don't want that happen
to your project?

Book An Expert Session From Solus Team

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How To Gather a Community With 50,000+ Members For a Travel Start-Up During An Epidemic And Not To Screw Up

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Do you want to be aware about last blockchain marketing tricks that could significantly increase your ROI?

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