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87% of DeFi and Crypto projects are doing shit. 73% of them will die in 4 months. They won’t reach the product-market fit because nobody told them how. The rest 13% of DeFi and other Blockchain projects will gain a $22 billion cap in 2021. Most of them use professional agencies for marketing, development and consulting.

Souls.b is a tribe of enthusiasts, specialists in digital marketing, PR, crazy funnels, and marketing processes. Our experience enables us to launch and promote DeFi projects 2x faster as we know all ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market

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Today we can take any blockchain project on the market and promote it to the moon. And there is a solid reason for that:

Our team entered the blockchain market and crypto field just on time. It was a glorious time of the market peak after a huge hype – most market strategies fell apart, all traditional moves became ineffective, budgets simply went to rack and ruin. This is where we came in, and some hard time for us took place. But thanks to this we can kick asses now!

Dozens of campaigns, hundreds of strategies concerning decentralized finances, thousands of moves, and one cat – this is our experience during the existence of Solus b. We earned it by collecting many wins in the field of decentralized finance and crypto marketing. Today we know by heart every single corner of this area – from ICO to NFT.


Preparation package

We prepare all necessary attributes, documents, and set up the processes for the smooth launch of DeFi project

  • legal package
  • full audit
  • document preparation
  • investor relations

Development package

We provide full support in design, development, implementation and evaluation of web products for DeFi projects

  • website development
  • app development
  • smart-contract
  • bot development

Launch package

We create ready-to-use solutions for successful launch of the crypto project of any complexity

  • listing
  • fundraising
  • market-making

Promotion of DeFi projects

Persuade your target audience to follow your project and become your loyal customers.

  • ppc
  • kol
  • smm
  • pr
  • community building

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Non-relevant tools

When we talk about D ICO, IEO, DeFi, or even exchanges the toolkit should be updated faster than the market changes. A tool that used to work on the trend market does not always work at this point. Many teams forget about this fact, and as a result, pay an exorbitant amount of money for ineffective tools. It is obvious that if you want your DeFi project to succeed, you have to use only advanced tools. Like we do.

Lack of analytics

It is hard to believe, but many crypto projects do not even connect analytics to their site, losing the opportunity to know their audience better and to increase the effectiveness of their development strategy. DeFi or Crypto promotion makes no sense without proper analytics.

Team and budget

Spending huge budgets isn’t reasonable. But excessive economy can ruin any project. Adhering to such a strategy while forming marketing budgets or hiring team members can freeze even the best idea and solution on the market.

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