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What can we do?

Exactly what you need

What could you achieve?

You could reach whatever you need. It has never been so easy. After conducting tests, we will create a forecast based on your KPIs and ensure their achievement.

  • Increase trading volume in X times;
  • Bring new traders with X min deposit;
  • Attract whales;
  • Ensure that CAC will be not higher than X;
  • Boost the number of users with KYC;
  • Bring X new referrals;
  • Create and implement traders’ attraction strategy from scratch.

What exactly are we doing?

Are we growing an army of our own subordinate traders? Maybe, one day in the future ;) For now, we are combining the best-performing crypto marketing approaches and adjusting them to the world of crypto traders.

  • Advice on product logic that influences traders’ attraction;
  • Attract KOLs to the affiliate program;
  • Bring KOLs to the hybrid collab model;
  • Launch media buying & PPC campaign;
  • Organize special trading events;
  • Establish partnerships with other projects.

Use cases

Boost the current metrics (CAC, volume, the number of affiliates, etc)

If you're feeling unsatisfied with the current results of your trader attraction efforts, it's time to take action. Let's conduct an audit of your current activities and create an action plan that will help you achieve your desired metrics.

Accelerate insource marketing team

If you are more than OK with your current metrics state, but hindered by the fact that your marketers need time to eat and sleep, we can be your superhero and amplify your current successes.

Improve current traders attraction strategy

If your traders' attraction strategy went in the wrong direction and needs to go through some kind of revolution, we are ready to become those revolutionists. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your past successes and shortcomings, and create a new, innovative strategy that will impress CoinMarketCap with its rapid growth.

Build traders’ attraction strategy from scratch

If you are beginning your journey in attracting traders, please, think twice before deciding to make all the mistakes that your competitors already faced. Honestly, we would give a lot in order to work with the current Solus team when we first started our traders acquisition process in 2017.

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100+ KOLs from other spheres

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In general, we are open to working with a wide range of exchanges. The only exception is projects that aim to deceive their users, as we prioritize ethical practices. We are capable of collaborating with exchanges from various tiers, with an initial focus on Tier 1. The metrics we commit to will depend on the specific features and attributes of your product.

It depends on the amount of data we have about your project. In most cases, prior to finalizing the forecast, we initiate a test campaign. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the project's unit economy and which hypotheses prove successful. It also shows how the target audience perceives the project and how influencers respond to it. Once we approve the forecast based on this test campaign, we proceed accordingly. However, if you already possess big retrospective data and tested hypotheses, and you are willing to share them with us, then yes, we can commit to achieving the desired outcome from the very first campaign.

Our approach is personalized for each client, as we tailor our offerings based on the information we receive from you. Through in-depth discussions, we gain a better understanding of your requirements, challenges, and goals, which enables us to create a customized proposal. This proposal outlines a recommended toolkit to initiate the process, with the selection of tools based on your specific hypotheses that you intend to scale.

Our ability to work on a referral basis depends on the specific referral system in place. While we have prior experience working without any additional fees in such scenarios, it is important to have a discussion to assess the details. Typically, we recommend a hybrid model to collaborate with us, as well as the influencers. If you wish to use media buying tools and engage in PPC advertising from the outset, it is significant to allocate a fixed budget.

No, everything depends on your preferences, as we have the flexibility to work with traders of any type and in any geographical location. However, it is essential to consider the type of traders you wish to attract and evaluate whether they align with your unit economy. For instance, if you seek to attract major players at a minimal cost, we regret to inform you that we cannot grant that specific request.