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Want to grow your web 3.0 community in 100 times?

Receive predicted community growth with us

See what's possible

What is wrong with web 3.0 community gathering?

Stay calm, hold BTC and receive predicted community growth

What exactly are we doing?

By combining different tools that have shown the best performance during our 5 years of experience in growing web 3.0 communities, we are going to ensure rapid, high-quality growth for your community.

You are aiming to build a real, strong profit and generation-oriented community? We will do that. That's it!

What helps us forecast results?

It's impossible to predict exact results in marketing. And we will not pretend to be big predictors, we are going to maximize the efficiency of budget expenses thanks to the mix of vast experience and implementation of last trends and forecast the approximate result that way.

Not superpowers, but results of our work:

  • Own mechanics for community growth
  • Retrospective data on KOLs
  • CPA frameworks for PPC / Media Buying
  • Army of “senior shillers”
  • Vast experience in promoting communities from scratch

How does it work?

You tell the number - we buy fake community members - success. Just joking :) We are long-term players, so that is not our way. Depending on your request, we are going to design a custom community growth strategy and execute it from A to Z.

Toolpack that we are going to use:

  • Social 3 Tools ( Guild / Crew 3/ Guild / Layer 3 )
  • KOLs marketing ( Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok )
  • Media Buying ( Etherscan, Coingecko, Trading View, Bitmedia, Coin Network, etc)
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Discord specific mechanics

Use cases

Build community from scratch

All crypto projects faced with that challenge, and the biggest part ends here as well. Useless hypothesis tests act like budget wasters and as result, projects are left with nothing. We are going to build and execute the community strategy that is going to bring you a targeted amount of targeted community members.

Boost the number of community members

With the length of time, even the most efficient marketing tools bring worse results and further community growth becomes unbearable. That is where we could bring you new, not burned-out mechanics with guaranteed results and endless scaling capabilities.

Increase community engagement and convert members to users

New active users are good, but loyal oldfags are crucial. In this case, we are not going to focus on the growth of new members but will reactivate the old ones to achieve the desired number of active users.

Build a huge buzz around the project

When numbers are important, brand awareness will not occur for itself. Why not combine and gather the community in a loud voice, so that even CZ will think about why he didn't make a tweet about your project yet? Huge K-factor and pre-discussed community growth are guaranteed.

Want to achieve your token growth goals?

They trust us

Why should you?

5 years on the market

200+ crypto KOLs on board

100+ KOLs from other spheres

5000+ integrations launched

Dozens of failures that ensure hundreds of successful cases

How are we going to achieve your community growth goals?


”Okay, I need that. What “packages” do you have?”

Honestly, we are big haters of “standard style packages”. There is no same solution for different projects and will never be. So we just describe the possible solutions that we could discuss and personalize together with your team.

*It's landmarks based on the average results, not something that you should take for granted. For sure, if you are aiming to build a community from high net-worth individuals - it's going to be more expensive and wise versa. Let's discuss this.



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To put it frankly, any crypto marketing agency that claims to guarantee precise results is likely a scammer. These agencies often resort to buying fake subscribers if they don't achieve their desired outcome.

At our agency, we prioritize building an authentic and engaged community, which means we can't promise exact results. However, we can provide a forecast with a range of community members you are looking to gather. If you require a guarantee of results, we can accommodate that through proper hypothesis testing, although it may require additional budget and time. Our top priority is always delivering real results by bringing real community members for your project or by setting a very high margin in order to achieve a goal even in the case of failures.

Our team offers consultation services for your community managers and creates a community management strategy specifically for the launch of your campaign. Please note that if you choose our basic services package, community management may not be included. However, if you require community management support at any point, we can certainly provide that service for you. Our team has vast expertise in this area and can manage your request.

We'll negotiate it separately and schedule the payment accordingly.

These are the main social3 tools we use:

  • Crew3
  • Layer3
  • Quest3
  • Galxe
  • Link 3

It's important to note that new social3 tools are emerging at a rapid pace, and as a result, we may have adopted new ones without updating this list. In that case, updates are in order:)

During the briefing, we will cover typical questions about your project, your expectations, goals, and target audience. While it's helpful if you already have a community to spread the word, it's not absolutely essential, as we can work with your project even if there is no existing community. However, your project must possess a value and real product advantages otherwise advertising activities won't be effective.

We anticipate that you have a community manager, but if you require community management services, we can provide them for you.

Our toolkit is adaptable to various approaches and frameworks, making it suitable for a range of projects. However, it is specifically designed for Blockchain projects, which are the only type of projects we work with. In general, our toolkit is flexible enough to help achieve objectives for those looking to build a community from scratch or launch a campaign with an existing community. If you found any relevance while checking out "our cases", then there should be no doubts — it is your ideal match.