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to conquer your goals

The crypto community needs bread and circuses. Crypto projects need revenue. Why not combine?

See what's possible

We Are Creating an Informative Hook

that Genuinely Captivates the Audience

What could you achieve?

We wouldn't lie if “anything” would be our answer. With a well-thought-out system and high customization opportunities of social 3 tools, we can structure both the event itself and the marketing campaign around your goals to help you achieve them.

  • Spread the word about the event even to crypto lovers’ cats
  • Bring new community members
  • Bring new users/traders/stakers/depositors/etc
  • Boost token metrics
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Involve Web 2 audience

Let us tell it here also. Almost any digital target could be achieved.

What exactly are we doing?

From conceptualizing the event concept to turnkey event implementation and promotional campaign launch. If “anything” were the key answer to the previous question, “everything” will be an answer here.

  • Figuring out event concept and making it live
  • Setting up and supporting social 3 tools
  • Creating all the events attribution
  • Launching accompanying promotional campaign
  • Establish partnerships with other projects.

Use cases

Stand out from boring drops, competitions, quizzes, etc

In the pursuit of cheap crypto traffic, the cryptocurrency market turned into a daily "Black Friday" sale. Hundreds of thousands of “hamsters” participate in promo activities without the knowledge of the project's name just to earn a few bucks. This approach is not sustainable. Therefore, we need to change the way things are done.

Fast achievement of numerical goals ( users, holders, community members)

The same as a usual crypto promotional activity with a reward pool, our event will help you to achieve any target you're faced with. But be ready to receive a few times better ROI thanks to a much more relevant audience in a bigger amount for a smaller budget. Win-win-win.

Conquering certain market segments (GEO, type of audience, etc)

In that case, customization could be a decisive factor. Instead of creating the event for everyone, we could focus on a specific target audience segment and ensure relevant partnerships and high-level customizations to maximize engagement within that relatively narrow audience.

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100+ KOLs from other spheres

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Dozens of failures that ensure hundreds of successful cases

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We purposely omitted specific details about the event, as our focus is on helping you achieve your goals. By using Social3 tools such as Crew3, Galxe, and Layer3, we can make your goals attainable. Depending on the objectives you share with us, we will develop a customized event concept centred around one of the Social3 tools. The positioning and approach can vary to align with your desired outcomes.

While the use of Social3 tools is a significant factor, it is not the primary criterion. The customization offered by these tools for the crypto market allows us to effectively track and monitor specific actions. Whether it involves downloading your app, holding your token, or purchasing NFTs, Social3 tools are designed to handle these tasks. Although we won't structure it as a contest, we will maintain it as an event.

Yes, plenty of them. Right now we are shaping a case that will describe it. If you want to look at it right now, just contact us.

Contests are usually launched without much meaning behind them just to draw a cheaper audience. We don't work this way. Our focus is on creating an informative hook that genuinely captivates the audience and motivates them to share it.

We make a small holiday in the crypto community by positioning and structuring of the event.

Therefore, it is not merely a contest, but rather a carefully crafted event designed to make a meaningful impact.

It depends on a few factors. If you already have an existing community, engaging in additional activities can help expand its reach. Since the event is designed to encourage sharing among people, we suggest launching it alongside targeted marketing promotions. This will enable you to reach a specific audience segment. Additionally, it can enhance your community growth beyond what organic methods alone would achieve.

Absolutely! We are fully supportive of fostering collaborations between projects, and organizing a shared event is definitely possible. However, it is crucial to ensure that both projects have synchronization points to create a positioning.

Yes, you can contact us for that. Feel free to reach out to us regarding your marketing needs. While we work with a range of marketing tools, it's important to note that we are not a one-stop shop for all marketing services and cannot guarantee everything. However, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements during a call and explore how we can assist you. Additionally, we have an extensive network of partners who can provide support and coverage for any specific needs you may have.