When talking about Promotion, we mean that we persuade. We persuade your target audience to follow your project and become loyal customers in three stages. Get ready!

First, we research. We make fastidious research of your audience, investigate the market and your competitors. Create messages to your target audience, product-market fit and product-channels fit, making marketing attributes, and a bunch of hypotheses.

Second, we structure a marketing strategy for DeFi. We gather everything we know and start creating relevant plans and marketing goals. We structure the automatization platform, interactions with the audience, update end-to-end analytics, etc.

Third, we make a full-cycle: test different elements of traffic, and elements of connections, work with PPC marketing, influencing marketing, and lead generation in order to reach key players on the DeFi market . We build a community in Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and provide excellent content marketing. Then, we move to personal branding, therefore, optimize and promote your page on LinkedIn.

Finally, we step-by-step scale up your Ethereum-based project. You are ready to face the top with high quality marketing for DeFi!

PPC – implement an advertising model that saves you money.

KOL – make a partnership with those who influence the market.

PR – we promote your brand with a number of tools to the highest extent, so everyone will know about you.

SMM – build a loyal community around your brand, invite influencers and create rock content.


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