Development- our team can take any idea, no matter how crazy and outstanding it is, and develop it to the requested appearance. The development process consists of several stages. First, we review your idea: how to make it work, what is missing, estimating it. Then, we move to the design stage, where our team determines the project's final look. Slowly, we start the development stage - we prepare an application, smart contract, custom decisions, etc. It takes from a few weeks to a few months to complete the development process.

Website – create and customize the website that highlights information about your project.

Smart contract – build smart contracts that interact with the most popular DeFi protocols.

Application – prepare the application for launch, and implement several approaches to build a community before launching the test version.

Bot development – full development of chat-bots that will ensure a set of communication functions.

Branding/brand book - we can brand your business from head to toes, and make it look authentic, original and fresh


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