Crypto Advertising Company for Blockchain Projects - Solus.B

Traffic Campaign launching, optimization and scaling


While generating traffic for blockchain projects you have to be ready for constant bans from the side of Google, Facebook and others platforms. Out - of - the box methods is the only solutions here

The main advertising platforms like Google and Facebook simply hated everything related in crypto. They put all possible spokes in the wheel in order to enable the crypto projects to reach their potential audience. We spend years testing different approaches in order to let our customer forget about those problems and ensure constant flow of quality traffic


Because of all the challenges that blockchain projects are facing while setting up PPC campaigns you will hardly see the banner connected with the world of crypto. But we could help to ensure that your target audience will see yours


In our digital world nothing sells better than a human face and effective language. Our responsibility is to find the best conversive influencers and to release integration with your product on TikTok, YouTube or Twitter


What are you going to do if the author of the Telegram channel you are reading on a daily basis will make a post about the crypto exchange he likes the most? Native publications on platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Medium are our secret fuel for generating crazy buzz around your projects. Works phenomenally with сool info hooks


A story and triggers of your project we wrap up into pieces of content that can make your audience fall in love with the product and convert from content viewers into loyal customers. We found that crypto audience mostly is concentrated in the Telegram, Medium and Twitter, that is why we concentrate most of our efforts there

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