In Preparation stage, we prepare attributes, documents and processes that are needed to launch your Defi project and achieve its highest speed.

The preparation part consists of several phases: discussion, research, structuring and strategy building. A discussion includes a set of consultations about your idea and the ways to promote it. In the research phase, we gather information: about the market, target audience, buyer persona, etc. Then, based on the information we got, we commence building strategy – fin model, business model, smart contract, prepare landings, create marketing attributes and white paper.

In a nutshell: you’re in safe hands!

Legal - we develop the legal structure of your Ethereum-bases DeFi project, taking responsibility for all the papers that regulate the relationship with your audience, jurisdiction structures and government.

Audit - we provide an audit of your idea, company and present resources. Recommendations on how to grow your project.

Documents and Decks – we create all the vital documents of your project, including pitch deck, white paper, fin model, token economy, presentations, etc.

IR (investor relations for DeFI)- prepare a full document package that is needed to start the communication process with investors; help in the process itself; recommendations to improve investors’ perception; proceeding you to the investing stage.


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