Time to Launch! Once your project gets on its feet, it has to be promoted. We can manage this in a few steps.

First, we tell the world about it. Place it on every listing we know, seek for partners, find relevant resources.

Second, we build a community on the crypto market to receive fundraising, prepare funnels, and appropriate user schemes that later will be converted into profit.

Finally, third: provide support on DeFi/ICO/STO/IEO trackers and listings, staying with you until the project gets a stable position on one of the listings.

Listing – we place your project in 100+ DeFi/ICO/STO/IEO free and paid trackers and listings, working with it in order to improve the score.

Fundraising – grow and prepare the audience to receive a token. Offer many top exchangers for your project, also can provide you with partnership discounts from a number of ratings for premium placements.

Market making – once your project is on the listing we keep it in such a safe place, preventing it from suddenly losing its position.


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