“What do you mean? Instagram is no more an effective tool to gather for ICO?!”

The toolkit should be updated faster than the market changes. Tools that used to work on the trend market do not always work at this point. Many teams forget about this fact, and as a result pay exorbitant money for noneffective tools.


What is a pixel?”

It is hard to believe, but many projects do not even connect analytics to their sites, losing the opportunity to know their audience better and, therefore, to increase the effectiveness of their development strategy.


“One marketing manager is enough,
he’ll do all the work”

Spending huge budgets isn’t reasonable. But excessive economy can ruin any project. Adhering to such a strategy while forming marketing budgets or hiring team members can freeze even the best idea and solution on the market.

SOLUS.b We Have a Solution!

SOLUS.b is a tribe of enthusiasts, specialists in digital marketing, PR and crazy funnels. We are a team that can close any stage of a blockchain project development, starting from an idea and development ending with implementation and IR.

“We learned to fight already during the war…”

Our team entered the blockchain market just “on time”. It was a glorious time of the market peak after a huge hype – most market strategies began to crumble, all traditional moves became ineffective, and budgets leaked into the cracks. This is where we came in, and some hard times for us took place. But thanks to this, now we can kick asses!

You don’t want to squander precious essay writer time writing essays which are too lengthy or too confusing for the reader.

“We remember everything…”

Dozens of campaigns, hundreds of strategies, thousands of moves and one cat – this is our experience during the existence of Solus.b. It was gained in time of ups and downs of the market by transforming ourselves in order to match each new stage. And this is what now helps us matching KPI one by one!


Comprehensive work? Already in process. Patching the holes? No problem.
We are not a supermarket of services. But at the same time, the list of our services can close the requests of most projects that aim to become market leaders.

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