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Influencer marketing for web 3.0 that is done properly

It’s nonsense that random low-performing videos are called KOLs marketing in the high-tech world of web 3.0. We changed the way it goes.

See what’s possible

We are doing KOLs marketing that will achieve your web 3.0 goals

True web 3.0 projects deserve true web 3.0 KOLs marketing. Random videos from random influencers could be “efficient” only during the pick of bull market, when every breath produces a result, hitting the snowball of a growing market

What exactly are we doing?

For more than 5 years in crypto marketing, we’ve launched 10,000+ integrations with influencers, gathered the base with hundreds of well-tested KOLs and tried dozens of approaches to find the most efficient ones.

So by working with us you could just enjoy the results without spending your own 5 years :)

  • Ensuring performance by combining KOLs with PPC
  • Gathering ambassador boards to provide 24/7 support
  • Reaching all crypto community with info hooks
  • Establishing long-term relations with KOLs

How does it work?

We neither have magic pillows for KOLs' marketing success nor for distributing them via KOLs to boost performance. But we have tons of retrospective data and hundreds of experiences caused by failures and wins, especially in the KOLs marketing field.

So instead of trying your luck by launching KOLs marketing on your own, contact us and do what works

  • Retrospective data
  • Access to inner KOLs’ analytics
  • Well polished mechanics
  • More than 300 KOLs that trust us

They trust us

Why should you?

5 years on the market

200+ crypto KOLs on board

100+ KOLs from other spheres

5000+ integrations launched

Dozens of failures that ensure hundreds of successful cases

Want to mark your goals as done?

Why is the bear market the best time to work on KOLs marketing?

Establishing high-quality relations with KOLs during the bear market is the best long-term investment with instant payback.

Bear market is time to build. And that comes not to tech side only.

Gaining the influencer's loyalty will result in both: instant benefits and a huge competitive advantage during bull market

Use cases

News Spreading

Once you need to reach millions of target audience representatives and make everybody talk about your project, not for all money in the world, nothing could outperform KOLs marketing.

Increasing number of users/traders/liquidity providers/etc

It is often said that KOLs marketing is useless when it comes to performance. And that is true. Classic KOLs marketing even if done right is more about brand awareness. But we go ahead and mix KOLs marketing with PPC algorithms to make the fiery mixture so that it brings results.

Reputation Support

Once exchanges stop withdrawals one by one, funds are going bankrupt and even the strongest crypto enthusiasts are quitting crypto, it is impossible to maintain the project’s reputation. Almost impossible, unless dozens of opinion leaders are on your side.

Community gathering

No one could help you gather the community better than someone that has already built their own community. We mean KOLs. In combination with the well-established community management system, KOLs could become the main boosters for your communities all over the world.

How we make influencers bring results?



How To Gather a Community With 50,000+ Members For a Travel Start-Up

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How to Attract Hedge Funds and Trading Desks to a Derivatives Exchange, or B2B Hard Core

want to see us in action?

Let’s talk

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Download KOLs list that will make your brand as famous as they are!

A list of Top influencers in Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, and YouTube for Web3


We could tell you some numbers, but, let's be honest, results could be predicted after we will have an exact understanding of who how, and where we are going to target. That is why you will receive the results forecaster together with the hypothesis and media plan. But if you have some specific numbers in mind, we could mention them in the agreement and adapt our strategy to the pre-discussed goals and KPIs.

We cover KOLs marketing from the beginning to the end. The only thing you should care about is how to avoid website bugs because of traffic increase :) But in order to support your vision, ToV, and ensure that all the publications would resonate with your vision, we are going to conduct a short briefing at the preparation stage as well as send you both the media plan and content hypotheses for approval. So that you could share your vision.

Once you have already established and partly implemented a marketing strategy and have no problems with community management, branding, etc, and other attribution that influences the bounce rate and retention, KOLs marketing could become the perfect accelerator. But if you have some doubts about your marketing skeleton, KOLs marketing won’t show it best, let's be honest. But no worries, we could assist with building marketing fundament also.

Often the projects that only enter a crypto market capture somewhere the impression that launching influencer marketing campaigns will guarantee them success. This sounds both hopeful and inspiring: they spend money and resources quite mindlessly, maybe hire an agency, but the outcome from the anticipated pink turns darker than the night: lesser than the expectations they had. Fiasco. Caput. Failure.

It leads to major disappointment: "influencer marketing is a fake, and it doesn't work. Scam!" Just breathe: that's not true. Okay, sometimes it could be like that, but it depends on one thing: in whose hands your influencer marketing is. You'll know it once you finish reading this. But keep in mind (it might be bizarre to hear this though in the number 0 section): you can promote a project without influencers. It is possible. Also, any project can exist without its founder. It is possible, too. But how efficient would this existence be?

Nowadays every day in the crypto world is followed by one or another FUD. And one day it may knock on your door: either your product or your field. So, only influencers in native style can make this FUD disappear. How did we manage to solve it, you can read right here. Also, we shared some very curious musing on the subject of virality which can be helpful to you regarding our subject.

If you know how to use influencing and combine it with other tools, it may be the main source of traffic. Especially, if you build the frameworks efficiently, the source can work nonstop. Facebook together with Google is banning your ad regularly, Twitter could be sold to Elon tomorrow if not today, and Brave requires 10K$ just for the sake of testing. In the meanwhile, influencers can bring you traffic without involving you. We'll explain how to do that soon.

TOP KOLs on board could be extremelly relevant for new products because investors are unlikely to fund projects that don't work with the leaders of thought. Often interactions with influencers are just another point in the due diligence process. Given the number of projects that raise investment funds, they can afford to give up companies that did not bother to include that point. Although the crypto sphere is young, it already has some stereotypes. For example, if a project doesn't work with influencers, it is not really considered a project. If you want to raise investments, our headline must be especially loud to you.

Usually, projects step into influencing by opening all the lists of TOPs (we wrote about the bad impact of these here), and some of the influencers that happen to reply price a video in a few bitcoins. So, hoping for immediate results and enormous success they pay the price. And… with 40 clicks gotten, inevitably get disappointed.

What is the solution?

Influencer marketing is also very much about marketing. Yeah, we are stating the obvious, but many people tend to focus only on the word "influencer". So, let your marketer shape a board of all important hypotheses (the audience, a product, etc.), and test them with NOT the top influencers. Once you validate a hypothesis, once you see it really works, you can scale it and contact big influencers. However, such influencers you mostly need for the sake of investor pitching and brand awareness establishing.

1. Start a campaign with the first influencers that have replied to you
2. Create bible-long scripts, demanding influencers to follow every word exactly
3. Giving an influencer the right to do everything on their own
4. Treat an influencer like your employee
5. Ignoring SEO optimization and YouTube algorithms
6. Buying 3+ integrations in retail
7. Ignoring analytics.
8. Create same integrations for different influencers.
9. Taking influencer's every single word for granted.
10. Spend tones of resources for launching influencers campaigns without an agency