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According to the legend, if you are a blockchain project, high value leads or investors should learn about your brand by themselves. Therefore crypto projects always lack leads

Lead Generation is a tabula rasa in the world of crypto. No one knows what to do if not to spam. Honestly, our team came up with an idea of highly customized omni channel lead generation not so long ago. By trial and error we learn how to create ICP, choose right funnels, highlight key messages in order to attract the most targeted account of “fat leads” without spending whole advertising budget


LinkedIn was one of the main channels for attracting high value leads, until the strict limits were introduced and made mass messaging impossible. High personalization, super targeted accounts segmentation and omnichannel support - here is our solution that allows us to generate high value leads via Linkedin


Works extremely well in combination with Linkedin outreach. You will see a huge pump in the CR, when your prospect is going to interact with your brand both via email and Linkedin. If you are a strong email marketing believer, we could launch a separate email campaign with a chain of follow-us as well, tastes good with content marketing


The main focus and the feature of our team. Here is where 100% open rate and 60% reply rate is more than real. People don't consider Telegram to be a tool for lead generation and that's what can give you a crazy competitive advantage

Account Based
Marketing Campaigns

When all the possibilities of Linkedin and Email outreach gather together with Facebook awareness campaigns, comprehensive strategy, content marketing and high level personalization your prospect could do nothing, but become your customers. AMB campaigns ensure the best ROI for those companies, who are aimed to attract “fat leads” with high LTV

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