Main Mistakes In Blockchain Community Gathering in 2022

July 27, 2021

10 Mins Read

Avoiding pitfalls where other failed: a bunch of lifehacks to overcome typical mistakes in crowding your Blockchain project

Today, the blockchain market, having survived the wave of the recent hype, is fundamentally changing. Yes, the interest of the audience during the turbulence on the market has grown no worse than Bitcoin itself in the best of times, but the trend is already noticeable – hamsters go aside and only crazy fans of the cryptocurrency remain in the arena. The same old-timers who started in 2014 or 2017. Well, or the crypto-evangelists who joined them in 2021. But … there is no more hype. Even though the market is pretty high, the lack of hype brings a lot of changes to the game.

At this point, we understand that it is unlikely to just run traffic on one touch and get a million. It is possible, but the balance of probability is not very high. You need to move differently.

Now any crypto project, especially in the field of DeFi, should be built around two magic words – community gathering. Why so? Everything is as simple as that. The community is the most important resource for your product. The people you gather will protect your brand. They will show you how to develop your project. They will promote you simply by talking about the product. And since the community is your number one force, you need to know how to competently, step by step, gather a loyal audience that will stand up for your brand. And today we will talk about the main mistakes of new founders and ways to fix them. Let’s go!


Main Mistakes In Blockchain Community Gathering in 2022

This is definitely the wrong approach. You don’t need a community for the sake of a community. First of all, you must understand why you need a community. Ask yourself just one question: for what purpose are you gathering people? And this question already includes the following: How will you communicate with them? Where will you lead them? Will it pay off in your communication channels? Look at your project and think about what you are gathering people for. The point is that the community can play a wide variety of roles. For example, you can gather it to test your application. Maybe you need a community that will invest in your product on public sale or private sale? Or maybe you even need to create a customer development group? Maybe your project needs a community for everything at once? This also happens. In any case, you need to understand why you are assembling a community, as this will affect the choice of resources, budgets and communication channels.


It’s easier to start with one communication channel: Twitter or Telegram. What opportunities do they provide?


Why is it wrong?

We really love to create unique tones of voices that make the project easy to remember. Yes, people are interested in what you say, but how you do it is no less important. So if you want to build an interesting tone of voice for your project, contact us, we will teach you 🙂


What is the right way? Start with one geo.

For example, if you think your audience is mostly in Asia, do not spray into Europe or the CIS. Work on one GEO, one target audience, gathering people of approximately the same mentality, so that your community is strong, whole and cohesive. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to gather these people around your project

Using what?

Nope. You need to gather the audience pointwise.

Main Mistakes In Blockchain Community Gathering in 2022

We have been working with traffic for several years now and have managed to gather a community in this way for a variety of crypto projects. If you need a detailed guide on how to use customer journey maps and run traffic through them in order to quickly gather an audience, then write to us with a request. We will explain everything and give illustrative examples.


How to do it right? The best option is when the founders themselves communicate with the audience. Think about it – you have created a project, you have a small audience, and no one can communicate with them better than you. Chat, post, comment, shoot videos, after all. But this is only for the time being. As soon as you feel the audience and understand how to communicate with it – immediately train the community manager and move away from 90% of communication, you have a lot of other work to handle 🙂 Most importantly, never outsource your community managers. Only inside the team. And you need to cultivate a community manager for a long time and efficiently, infecting him with your ideas and ambitions. Only then will he be able to properly communicate with your audience and spread your philosophy to them. Still, an outsider will never understand and love your project as much as a person from your team. This affects communication, without which it is impossible to build a good relationship with the audience.


Form small, cozy communities. Don’t chase millions right away. We have already seen plenty of cases when small projects with 1000 people closed investment rounds for half a million dollars. How is that? They had a loyal community in which people shared information, supported the project and just loved it.

Forget about useless checklists from 2017 – they don’t work anymore. Communicate with your audience, spark them with your ideas, and always ask what they want to see on your channels.

If you don’t know how to move or you get stuck at some stage, it doesn’t matter. Any difficulties are solvable, and, as we have already demonstrated above, there are plenty of tools for promotion. So go for it, take over the market and be sure to listen to your audience! Good luck!

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