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Investor relationship campaign launching optimization and scaling


In the world of blockchain where investors are being pitched by dozens of crypto projects on a daily basis we found the way to make the investor invest in yours

No matter if you are launching a private token sale or just want to raise a round, when the market is filled with ICOs, IDOs, etc. you have no choice apart from showing real benefits to your targeted investors. Our aim here is to keep the balance between standard communication and psychological points in order to help investors to decide make the right choice, advantageous for both parties

Pitch Deck

While being a starting point in the interaction between your projects and investor, your pitch deck has around 1 minute to impress. We will help you to create the pitch deck keeping in mind investors triggers, pains and activators in order to persuade the investors in the solidness of your project

IR Outreaching

Together we segment funds/angels/independent investors you are looking to attract investors, create the triggering messages as well as traction materials and launch the omnichannel Linkedin and Email campaign, that will become the catalizator for raising desirable sum and becoming part of the investment portfolio of the desired investor

Private / Public
Sale Consulting

Investment raising is one of the most crucial and to a certain extent intimate processes for project founders also because it precedes the period of project scaling. We will never be able to pitch for a product better than its representatives, but thanks to accumulated experience we could give you answers to your questions and help you to go through this step smoothly and efficiently

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