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A Security Token Offering is a type of public offering for your project that allows investors to get a benefit from increased liquidity and collaborate efficiently with your digital securities.The value of these tokens is coming from actual securities. It means that security tokens are not just tokens but also investments. An STO on exchanges keeps generating the potential to deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings. Since tokens being classified as securities, STOs are more easier to regulate, therefore STO simply has a better level of security than, let’s say, IСO.



Security token offering consists of 3 main categories, and each of these has its advantages. When each token defined through its security against stock it is called an Equity Token. Owning an equity token means that the investor gets plenty of the company’s profits and a right to vote. It is vital to say that these tokens can be funded on any stage of the process.



Tokenize your securities and offer them to investors around the world. Compliant, regulated, completely online! We will manage the entire securities tokenization process for you. We identify the right technology solution for your needs, assist with legal structuring and various nuances of the offering, help you find and reach your ideal investors.


Tokenization applies to a set of operations that helps to securitize physical and virtual assets in blockchain, ICO and other sectors. What does it mean? To tokenize an asset is simply to divide it into parts that can be sold to investors.

What can be tokenized? Basically any type of business or property – from commodities and real estate to artworks and sports competitions. When you decide to tokenize your business a security token is created. It will represent existing securities such as funds, debt tools, etc.

On the next step you sell the tokens to investors. There are two options: via crowdfunding campaign or through the market. After this you are moving to the next stage: to list your token on a public exchange. A single token shouldn’t be limited to one exchange; it maybe placed on multiple platforms.

Here is a very simple example of Security Token Offering. Let’s say you buy 3 tokens from a company offering 100 tokens where each token represents 1 euro. Therefore, you own 3% of the company. On the other hand, if you want to tokenize material possession as a security, for example, real estate, you would have to divide the property into shares by square foot. Also you could Fractionalize your tokenized asset, especially if we are talking about real estate, into even smaller shares. For example, into square inches. If you want to make your project accessible to a bigger number of investors, this option is your golden ticket.

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  • Developing the legal structure of your project;
  • Choosing the best jurisdiction for an STO could be a costly and complex procedure.
  • We have analyzed regulatory and legal frameworks and offer our clients best options.
  • Provide with a legal analysis of the token’s structure;
  • We analyze taxes that will according to the project’s structure;
  • Provide full legal support of your marketing campaign;
  • Legal audit of White Paper, investment deck, pitch deck and presentation.


  • We are taking you through each stage of the tokenization, and help to create a successful project;
  • We launch token on Ethereum Blockchain or on your native platform;
  • Provide help to develop tokenization model;
  • We deploy the white label SEO platform with KYC/AML;
  • Provide all the necessary settings dividend issuance functionalities.


  • We prepare website with a basic summary of your project;
  • Create outstanding content with well-made funnels;
  • Implement content marketing;
  • Use SEO to create back-links from DA;
  • Use a variety of tools to increase brand awareness and traffic.
  • Promote your projects through social media.


  • We create a white paper with a smooth articulation of technological, financial and commercial details of your token;
  • Audit and development of your financial model;
  • We help you to create a proper investment deck;
  • Develop the project’s roadmap and marketing strategy;
  • We prepare a full document package that is needed to start the communication process with investors;
  • We provide full support during the process itself;
  • Based on your project we give recommendations to improve investors’ perception;
  • Proceeding you to the investing stage.

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