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Increase your token price and gain 6464 new holders

For a long run, not just one-time pump

See what's possible

Stable, long-lasting token growth is a dream of each crypto project, BUT.....

Then they are facing the reality

Want to push your token to the world of green candles?

We are not another “pump&dumpers”. We are combining the best token growth-oriented marketing practices with market-making tools to boost the number of token holders & traders, increase awareness around it and bring long-term token wellness as a result.

What exactly are we doing?

Depending on your token goals, we are going to design a custom strategy by choosing the most relevant tactics that ensure achieving of your token growth targets.

  • Identify your goals
  • Select appropriate toolpack
  • Launching “marketing + MM” bomp
  • Provoke token price growth
  • Provoke holders growth
  • Boost brand awaraness
  • Maintain token price growth

How does it work?

Market-making stimulates token growth, and marketing - supports and accelerates it. It's like a closed circle, in which your token will always be a winner.

Tool pack that we are going to use:

  • Market Making
  • “Signals style” messaging
  • Trending at ranking platforms
  • KOLs marketing
  • PR
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Social 3 tools as a booster

Use cases

Initial token launch

You won't have a second chance to launch the token and ensure its successful first listing. That is why we could become your brains and arms in the preparation for one of the most disturbing moments in the life of a crypto entrepreneur. Green candles, rapid brand awareness push, and an extreme level of organic activity are guaranteed.

Anti-FUD effect

The project token is a mirror of the audience's attitude to it. Once someone will drop a line about possible problems with your project, the token price won’t stay silent and the snowball effect will remind you of its existence with the red chart. We won’t let rumors destroy the reputation of your project and use some best working reputation management techniques to maintain token price and positive community mood.

Info hook release

The release of hot news is the best moment to accumulate all the efficient approaches and launch a “promo bomb” the exposure of which will lead to multiplied ROI. We are going to take care of all promotion and market-making side, therefore you could focus on the preparation for the promo release.

Preparation to raise a round

Catching the last train and trying to boost all possible metrics at the last moment before the announcement of a new round is a guilty pleasure for lots of project representatives. We won't leave you alone and use our tool pack to make your project ready for BlackRock due diligence :)

All time support

All the points mentioned above in any case happen on the way of each blockchain project. So instead of acting for short-term success, we could go ahead and build long-term relations, so that we would provide massive support for every single event “in the token life”.

Want to achieve your token growth goals?

They trust us

Why should you?

5 years on the market

200+ crypto KOLs on board

100+ KOLs from other spheres

5000+ integrations launched

Dozens of failures that ensure hundreds of successful cases

What’s wrong with 90% of token growth activities?

1. Desynchronisation of marketing and MM

Desynchronization of marketers and market makers not just makes your campaigns not that efficient. It brings you losses. But synchronizing them is not so easy, especially if you are working with different counter parties for that purpose. We changed the way it goes.

2. Direct token advertising

We are not in 2017. Nowadays, nobody with more than a $100 deposit is going to buy the token once they understand that they are being targeted with paid ads. Especially low-quality ones. That is why we are working only in a native way so that we bring much more trust and ROI.

3. Advertising brings speculators, but not holders

Attracting one-time traders is not that hard. The question is whether you need them or if they could be easily replaced with trading algorithms. We are going to launch a campaign that will help the trading community to understand the real value of your projects and make them hold, not just buy and sell.

4. One-time short-term effect of ads

Leaving “from one promo campaign to another one” is not the best strategy for projects that want to be long-term players. That is why we are not just launching campaigns one by one, we are building long-term strategies and ensuring their smooth step-by-step implementation.

5. Early holders remain losers

One of the most powerful resources for the long-term project is its early loyal believers that could and should be rewarded, not punished by losses because of the token pump. We could ensure the happiness of your early believers that will become the catalyzation of your project's success.

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While marketing is our main focus, we do offer MM services through our partners who have over 7 years of experience in market making. This allows us to collaborate and provide a seamless experience for our clients. If you are already working with an MM provider, we can easily synchronise with them and build a strong collaboration. It's important to note that working with our established MM partner can save time due to our existing relationship.

Yes, but it would be a different service altogether. To achieve optimal results and foster organic growth of your token, we strongly suggest utilising a combination of tools - not necessarily all of them, but a carefully curated selection that aligns with your objectives.

We apologise for stating it so bluntly, but pricing depends on several factors. Ranging from the current state of your project to the nature of your objectives. We would be happy to discuss these factors with you so that we can determine a fair price based on your unique needs.

Generally, no. As a rule, we do not work with projects that prioritize quick audience and profit acquisition while planning on disappearing soon after. However, if you're running an honest project that genuinely aims to benefit the crypto community, we would be happy to discuss a potential collaboration.

We will perform a basic due deal, but to choose a relevant tool pack we will be looking at the state of a token.

This tool pack is not designed for tokens that haven't been listed yet. However, it falls under our general services that we offer in partnership with others. If that's what you're looking for, we can certainly assist you.

There's no difference for tool pack implementation, but there is for the result.

For example, if your token was listed on Tier 3 exchanges, you should expect a low exposure due to the limits of the exchange. Not every user will register on Tier 3 exchanges and invest in a token they're not confident about.