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Is it really worth to penetrate UA?

Rostik`s version
Tech-savvy Ukraine was quick to realize that crypto is the fastest and easiest way to handle the flood of international donations. (Forbes)
The country seems to be embracing blockchain technology well: even the oldest country's commercial banks, TASCOMBANK, recommended using blockchain technology. (Beingcrypto)
Talking to the government felt like talking to a startup, and Ukraine really gave me a very similar feeling. (Vitalik Buterin)
The Crypto Capital of the World. It has to be somewhere. Why not Ukraine? (NY Times)
The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine wants to see the nation become the best jurisdiction for the crypto asset and plans to receive his salary in the country's E-Hryvnia CBDC. (Beingcrypto)
The burgeoning tech economy would help Ukraine rebrand itself to a place where there is innovation and development independent of both the West and the East. (

How could we help?

Either you just want to spread the info hook via the Ukrainian users or build the Ukrainian community from A to Z, we could be your brains and arms.

What could you achieve?

Among 146 analyzed countries, Ukraine is 3rd by crypto adoption index. That means that you have endless opportunities here. We recommend to start with basic user acquisition and end with full penetration. But everything depends on your goals.

  • Reach 7 million Ukrainian crypto owners
  • Go far beyond and reach the Ukrainian NOT YET crypto audience
  • Build and grow a loyal Ukrainian community
  • Establish a constant presence in Ukraine

What exactly are we doing?

We launched 150+ successful worldwide marketing campaigns for blockchain projects. But in terms of this service, we want to focus on our homeland - Ukraine and help worthy projects to maximize their influence there.

  • Building relations with UA KOLs
  • Using UA-specific PPC/Media Buying approaches
  • Organizing UA-centered info hooks
  • Managing UA community
  • Consulting on legislation and other business questions

Use cases

Maximize the coverage of the audience

Once you need to reach as many Ukrainians as possible to spread the local info hook, we could help you by developing and rapid implementation of a short-term one-time coverage-oriented campaign. Even Ukrainian cats are going to that about your info hook.

Build community

If you are about to play a long game and gather your own Ukrainian community, we are about to help you, starting with the strategy preparation to its turnkey implementation and constant support. Your goal for a highly engaged, constantly growing community that converts to product users would be marked as done.

Build business

Are you struggling to understand the business side of things in Ukraine? We are going to guide you through all the way that ends with transparent and legal functioning in the territory of Ukraine.

Want to RUN test campaign?

Ukraine. Marketing. Crypto.

Conceptions SOLUS team adore the most

You could manage to find a better agency than us for doing SMM. But for doing Ukraine-oriented crypto marketing - never.

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